Architectural Drawings

An architectural drawing is the basic technical drawing of a building. They are used to develop a design idea into a coherent proposal, to communicate ideas and concepts, to convince clients of the merits of a design, to enable a building contractor to construct it, as a record of the completed work, and to make a record of a building that already exists.

We draw architectural floor plans according to Vasthu as it is an important factor in any construction. We believe basic vasthu is based on science. We are creative at Architectural elevation drawings and we provide 3D views with proper sketch up.

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Types of Architectural drawings we provide:

  • Floor plans
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Shelves
  • Cupboards
  • Elevations
  • Permission plans

Structural Drawings

A structural drawing, a type of engineering drawing, is a plan or set of plans for how a building or other structure will be built. They are primarily concerned with the load-carrying members of a structure. They outline the size and types of materials to be used, as well as the general demands for connections. They do not address architectural details like surface finishes, partition walls, or mechanical systems. The structural drawings communicate the design of the building’s structure to the building authority to review.

We use advanced techniques and methods for the design and analysis. Our team works extensively on structural analysis tools, in developing wide variety of structural drawings.

We consider Earth quake resistant design for RCC framed structure as per IS 1893-2002 and IS 456-2000 with suitable foundation as per soil test specifications while designing any type of structure. We have expertise team for wide variety of structural designs of buildings such as independent houses, duplex houses, villas, Multi storey structures, High rise buildings, Commercial complexes, Industrial structures and Water tanks. We deliver all types of steel design drawings.

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Types of Structural drawings we deal with are:

  • Foundation plan
  • Column plan
  • Plinth Beam plans
  • Roof Beam Plans
  • Slab Plans

Building Permissions

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department of Telangana and Andra Pradesh issued building rules in 2012. The town planning department of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) published permissible setbacks & height stipulations for all types of non-high rise buildings. We are approved GHMC licensed engineers, where we can produce Architectural & Structural drawings according to GHMC guidelines. And we process BRS and LRS permissions.

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Constructions/ Execution

A structure’s life depends on good design and well construction practice. We are professional in following best practices in design. We recruit skilled masons and labour to execute all construction activities.

Our strengths are to deliver the projects with required quality & quantity within scheduled time. Safety and Security are our prior importance.

We dealt with various kinds of construction activities like independent houses, duplex houses, multi storey buildings, Industrial structures, Religious buildings, Commercial buildings. Construction of Government building is also one of our recent achievements as it is different from regular buildings in terms of design, execution procedure and specifications.

Strength of our team is to manage construction activities at faraway locations from our office like Khammam, Athmakur, Keesara, Gachibowli etc., without any time delays.

Estimations/ Valuations

We are approved government valuers to deliver immovable property valuations. We estimate and provide the required bank loan process documents.

Precast Concrete Structures

Technology assisted work always leads to efficient solutions. Hence we promote such technologies in Precast concrete products such as compound walls, wall panels, roof panels for low rise structures, etc.

Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre engineered buildings are more economical than Conventional steel structures. Well experienced design and execution team is involved to deliver the project with superior quality within stipulated time.

Third Party Consulting Services

Construction projects involve the co-ordination of a great number of people, materials and components. Regular inspection is a crucial part of ensuring that the work is in progress as intended, both in terms of quality and compliance. Inspections will be carried out for a number of different purposes throughout the duration of a project – Quality, Quantity and progress. Inspections are also necessary to ensure compliance with health and safety.

Building control inspections are carried out to verify compliance with the building regulations. A high end professional paper work would be carried out throughout the project duration. It would minimise the owner’s day to day inspection on quality, quantity and daily progress of work.

We provide Third Party services for Individual Houses, Row Houses, Villas, Apartments, Commercial complexes, Industrial buildings and Green buildings.

The services include:

  • 2D floor drawings
  • 3D elevation Drawings
  • Concrete strength testing
  • Site visits for:
    • Marking
    • RCC work for Footings
    • Plinth Beams
    • Slab
    • Brick work
    • Interior


Repairs, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting are similar names. We often see many structural failures and cracks in buildings. There are specific methods to identify the retrofitting techniques.

We use state of the art technologies and numerical methods to identify the failures in structures. We use suitable chemical component which can avoid leakage of cracks in slabs and other concrete elements. We offer suitable methods to retrofit the concrete elements.

  • Third Party consulting services
  • Retrofitting
  • Surveying
  • Bamboo Housing
  • Green buildings
  • Labor Sub Contracts


Our company offers services in two aspects of Land Surveying, Mapping & GIS i.e. Consultancy and or Execution of task on turnkey basis. We shall be able to carry out various tasks with required accuracy and optimum cost effectiveness.

We execute projects using the latest state of the art technology using electronic instruments like Dual Frequency Survey grade DGPS, Total Stations combined with Satellite images, Stereo Aerial Photographs as per the requirements of the client.

Our project execution team consists of well experienced engineers and professionals headed by our technical consultants.

Bamboo Housing

There are many natural materials to use as building materials. Bamboo is one of the well known materials from ancient times as a low cost material for construction of building. It’s a traditional material, eco-friendly and ideal for low cost designer houses and interior. A bamboo can be used as foundation, floors, beams, columns, walls, roofs, trusses, doors and windows. It can resist for long period. Nowadays Bamboo can be used as reinforcement in concrete.

We are offering good design and execution services using bamboo material.

Advantages of using bamboo:

  • It’s an extremely strong natural fibre, on par with standard hardwoods if they are properly cultivated and stored
  • Its highly flexible, can be used in archways and other curved areas
  • Its earthquake resistant due to its high capacity for absorbing shocks
  • Economical, durable for long periods if maintained properly, light weight

Green Buildings

GA Green Building is a high performance building design concept that can facilitate healthy and productive environment. It is energy efficient and has minimal impact on local environment. They are realistic and practical solutions to exasperating problems associated with climate change, human health and environmental quality for endurable living.

A Green Building can have tremendous benefits, both distinct and indistinct. The immediate and most distinct benefit is in the reduction in water and operating energy costs right from day one, during the entire life cycle of the building. Other benefits include relatively low operating costs, Government tax incentives, low maintenance cost, health & safety compliance etc.

We offer green technology such as:

  • Green Landscaping strategy: Green site creation to harvest rainwater through minimization of runoff loss like Roof gardens, green roofs, pervious pavements, vertical gardening etc.
  • Photovoltaic mounting systems which are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs, building facades, or the ground.
  • Green building material like Eco cement, bamboo tiles, cool wall etc.
  • Natural materials usage in buildings according to Owner’s specification of end product and based on level of required maintenance

Labour Sub Contracts

Any construction process is dependent on skilled workforce. We have our own team of skilled labours, masons, bar benders, painters, carpenters and other finishing workman force. We outsource the labour where they are required. We are creating an organised workforce for Unorganised Sector. We undertake labor sub contracts where mass construction activity takes place.