Nilaya Constructions

About Nilaya Constructions

Nilaya Architects Structural Consultants and Constructions (NILAYA ASCC)

Nilaya ASCC is a partnership firm founded by Mr. Ravikanth Chittiprolu, Managing Partner and Mrs. Keerthi Masna, Co-partner.

‘NILAYA’ – derives the name from ‘NILAYAM’ which means ‘HOME’. Our team integrates the expectations of people with our skills in construction sector, to build their dreams. Having knowledge and experience in Civil Engineering theoretical and practical concepts, we wanted to implement the development in engineering practices in the society. We are inspired by the great people in the construction industry who serve with dedication and provide high quality service.

Nilaya Services

Our services include Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, Estimations and valuations, Permissions, Constructions, Project Management and Control (PMC)

Nilaya Logo Concept

Our logo takes the footing from Civil Engineering concept– ‘N’ in the logo represents North Direction which is the basic thing in an Engineering Drawing. Hence driving our concepts into the logo. Similarly, we work on the tagline – ‘We build your Dreams’. It is always a dream of common man to build their own house, or build their business, and so we give our part of contribution in building your dreams.

Nilaya Strengths

We are proud Civil engineers from Core structural engineering field and so we focus on different types of construction using different types of material. We regularly check the new materials available in the market. Often we do all concrete & steel checks of different grade of concrete with the available material in the market. We are up to date in finding the economical way of construction. We are master at labour communication. We train them and provide all security precautions while working. We are very much strong in technical aspects as well as in solving practical problems.

Nilaya Motto

In the current trends, we usually see many structural failures, most of them are due to poor design practice and low quality of construction in execution and due to unskilled masonry works. Hence, our firm's motto is to maintain good design and construction practices to maintain the quality in the deliverables.

Nilaya USP ( Unique Selling Point)

We believe visualization and practical application are key factors in learning. And hence we inculcate the habit of applying the knowledge you gain from theoretical concepts into solving real time problems. This makes us stand out in the crowd.